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La Bellezza

La Bellezza 12 Birthstone Necklace, Moonstone Love Pendant

La Bellezza 12 Birthstone Necklace, Moonstone Love Pendant

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Unique design, stylish and beautiful. Good material, comfortable to wear. Different colours, wide choice.

Treatment process: Electroplating

Color: open end ring chain, O-ring chain, single pendant for January, single pendant for February, single pendant for March, single pendant for April, single pendant for May, single pendant for June, single pendant for July, single pendant for August, single pendant for September, single pendant for October, single pendant for November, single pendant for December

Pendant material: titanium steel

Chain style: O-ring chain

Material: Copper

Shape: Geometric

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1x Necklace

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the month

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January - Grenade

People born in January, with Garnet as their birthstone, are known for their strong will and perseverance. They are natural leaders and reliable. Garnet helps them renew their energy and maintain courage in the face of challenges.

February - Amethyst

February borns, with amethyst as a birthstone, are spiritual and peace-loving. They have a calm and thoughtful nature. Amethyst promotes their intuition and protects against negative energies.

March - Aquamarine

People born in March, with aquamarine as a birthstone, are kind and caring. They radiate tranquility and peace. Aquamarine helps them reduce stress and promotes inner peace.

April - Diamond

April borns, with diamond as a birthstone, are ambitious and determined. They always strive for perfection and success. Diamond strengthens their inner strength and offers clarity and balance.

May - Emerald

People born in May, with emerald as a birthstone, are vibrant and full of life. They have a big heart for others. Emerald promotes love, friendship and happiness in their lives.

June - Pearl

June borns, with pearl as a birthstone, are elegant and refined. They have a sensitive nature. Pearl promotes wisdom and integrity, and brings peace and stability.

July - Ruby

People born in July, with ruby ​​as a birthstone, are passionate and energetic. They are full of fire and courage. Ruby stimulates vitality and passion, and protects against negativity.

August - Peridot

August borns, with peridot as a birthstone, are cheerful and full of life. They have an optimistic view of life. Peridot helps them reduce stress and anxiety, and promotes a sense of well-being.

September - Sapphire

People born in September, with sapphire as a birthstone, are wise and calm. They have a deep inner strength. Sapphire promotes mental clarity and wisdom, and protects against negative energies.

October - Opal

October borns, with opal as a birthstone, are creative and emotional. They have a colorful and dynamic personality. Opal enhances creativity and helps with emotional balance and self-expression.

November - Topaz

People born in November, with topaz as a birthstone, are optimistic and honest. They have a warm and caring nature. Topaz promotes happiness and abundance, and helps find direction and purpose.

December - Zircon

December borns, with zircon as a birthstone, are stable and reliable. They have strong ethics and are often wise. Zircon helps promote clarity and balance, and protects against negative influences.